Typhoid fever, Symptoms, What is Typhoid

Typhoid fever, Symptoms, What is Typhoid

Typhoid fever is a common worldwide illness also known as typhoid.

How typhoid fever transmitted?

Typhoid fever is transmitted when food or water contaminated with the feces of another person infected with typhoid is ingested.

Flying insects feeding on feces may occasionally transfer the bacteria through poor hygiene habits and public sanitation conditions.

Alternative names for typhoid fever

Typhoid fever is know by many names:

  • Gastric fever
  • Abdominal typhus
  • Infantile remittent fever,
  • Slow fever
  • Nervous fever
  • Pythogenic fever

Typhoid fever symptoms:

If you have a slowly progressive fever, profuse sweating, no bloody diarrhea, you may have typhoid fever.

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